Judo Uniform, Single Weave 450 gram White kids/Adults


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TMA Reliable gi that is suitable for anyone in a grappling art, including judo, jujitsu, and Aikido 

100% soft bleach cotton is used throughout the gi and utilizes tightly woven patterns to resist tug and pull damage. 

Reinforced stitching provides ample support at the various gi stress points so as to add longevity to the uniform. 
  •     Single weave construction (450 gram/15oz)
  •     Suitable for most grapple arts. Judo, Jiu jitsu,  Aikido 
  •     Includes jacket, pants, and white belt (no color substitutions)
  •    Trousers come with an elastic drawstring waistband 
  •    Set includes: top (jacket)bottom (pants), and white belt.
  •    Sizes: #0000 #000, #00, #0, #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6

Colors:  White

Kids Size     Weight               Height     

0000------40 to 50 LBS------- 3'7"-3'9"       

000--------50 to 60 LBS------- 3’9”-4’1”

00---------60 to 75 LBS------- 4'1"-4’5”

0-----------75 to 90 LBS------ 4'5"-4’9”

  • The size chart is a rough estimate of the actual fit on your unique body style. 
  • Wash uniform in cold water and allow to hang - dry. 

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