12 oz Extra Heavyweight Brushed cotton Drawstring Uniform Karate Gi (Black)


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Product description:

Our karate suit comes with a high quality materials so it can withstand large amounts of wear and tear in training or in competitions. We buy 14 oz 100% Canvas , wash it and brush; after that process what is left is around 12 oz that we use to make this gi to provide you best possible quality Canvas gi.

Our karate suit can be used in competitions and training for martial arts. This uniform allow a full range of motion for the legs and arms as well as other parts of the body, allowing the user to get kicks and punches with full potential.

Our heavy Gi allows for a much better experience, which decreases the discomforts that other canvas suits may cause.

Product Features:

This Black Karate Suit Comes with durable constructed soft cotton fabric.

These Karate pants have a waist tie and the Karate jacket contains a belt to prevent it riding up.

Ideal Gi for karate students and professionals.

It is also suitable for beginners or those who are looking for a professional and real training.

Soft to touch and non-abrasive to the skin.

Trousers have an traditional Japanese drawstring for a precise and comfortable fit.

Product Specifications:

Skin friendly 12 Oz 100% cotton canvas is used for this uniform.

Brushed peachy feel inside, non-brushed outside.

9 rows of stitching on jacket hem, arm opening and Pant opening.

Ideal choice for advance level players or instructors.

Pant with traditional tie waist and reinforced gusset for comfortable fitting.

Sizes available 0 to 10.

Colors available Black

Belt not included.

Package Included:

1 x Karate Uniform Jacket

1 x Karate Uniform Pant

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